Moeta's Browser Reccomendations

Many people are aware Chrome is bad, but not why and thus what they should use. Courtesy of someone with way too much time and knowledge on the subject, here's what you should be using.


The icons for Chromium, Librewolf, and Pale Moon.

The best you can get, albeit limited to tech savvy users.

If you prefer chromium based browsers, ungoogled-chromium is the best you can get. It has all the momentum of the bigger (and worse) Google Chrome behind it ensuring the best extension support, piles of themes, and every annoying new bloatware functionality WhatWG added being supported on release minus other chromium based browsers privacy concerns makes ungoogled-chromium the best choice. If you prefer a FireFox base, Librewolf allows you to easily get a copy of FireFox with all the phoning home being cut out, alongside traces of insane privacy settings it inherited from the TOR Browser. FireFox has virtually anything you would want extension wise, plus usercss allowing UI customization Chrome could only dream of, making Librewolf one of the best browsers you could use (don't be surprised if some sites have glitches, you're expected to know how to repair these things.) Of course, regular FireFox with the arkenfox user.js provides a similar if not more private experience, just with a bit more configuration needed. If you hate big tech, Pale Moon is one of the few browsers not being made nor bankrolled by Google that can still render most modern sites. It also has an amazing GUI thanks to it being a descendent of FireFox 28, during what many would consider the peak of UI design.


The icons for Brave and SeaMonkey.

While not as good as the above, these are still respectable choices.

Brave, while still getting blown out the water by ungoogled-chromium at its aim of being a more private Google Chrome alternative, it's better then the big G's offerings, plus its 99% guaranteed to just work™. SeaMonkey is a weird one, and was teetering between here and the lower niche tier. SeaMonkey is a direct descendent of the original NetScape Navigator (or communicator, if you prefer) and it retains all the same functionality and quirks as it did then. It uses the current FireFox rendering engine, somehow, and thus supports a sizable amount of websites, plus is fairly speedy. Unfortunately, themes are virtually nonexistent, and the only recent extensions I see available is uBlock Origin. If you can't decide between the modern Librewolf or the time capsule Pale Moon, this gives the best(?) of both worlds.


The icons for NetSurf, K-Meleon, Supermium, Konqueror, surf, Arctic Fox, Otter, and GNOME Web.

Good for niche use cases, otherwise revert to the above.

Use NetSurf if your on RISC-OS or 9front, K-meleon if your on a potato or on a Windows XP potato, Supermium if your on Windows XP, Konqueror if you need KHTML, surf if your trying to be as minimalist as possible, Arctic Fox if your on an old OS X version, Otter if you liked Opera during its golden age, and GNOME Web if you need WebKit. TOR Browser for, well, browsing the onionnet.


The icons for Falkon, SRWare Iron, Chromium, Firefox, Comodo Dragon, Comodo Ice Dragon, Sleipner, Waterfox, and Basilisk.

For all intents and purposes, useless.

Falkon allegedly uses chrome's rendering engine instead of WebKit, making it no better than the aforementioned chromium builds. SRWare Iron tries to be ungoogled-chromium and fails miserably. Stock chromium and Firefox are just worse variants of the aforementioned improved forks. Comodo's browsers are just vanilla chromium/firefox with some new branding and an uneeded antivirus integration. Iridium is just ungoogled-chromium but with slower updates, and Mullvad's Browser does little more then a custom firefox profile with the arkenfox user.js. Sleipnir, Waterfox, and Basilisk teeter the line between this and the niche. Sleipnir allows you to triple wield rendering engines and allegedly has good font rendering (I didn't notice much difference), Basilisk could potentially overtake Pale Moon due to it supporting more modern features while keeping the legacy functionality, although its even smaller, and WaterFox seems almost F-Tier due to it seeming like a weird attempt at keeping old firefox-esr builds alive, and last I heard was owned by an advertising agency.


The icons for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Vivaldi, Opera, and Opera GX.

Don't use if you have a modicum of self respect.

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Vivaldi, Opera, Opera GX, really anything closed source. Put simply, anything here has much better options above, and since all but one of the listed browsers in this tier use the chromium base, you don't get all that much in terms of benefits.